Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Burning Hard Drives

Once again, I've lost the battle with an electronic device - my HDD has gone with no way to get the data back. This time for good, I'm letting SF go. I'm still taking requests, and have a little consolation prize:

Mix those two and you got it.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry, it was a great world :( But I understand you, I also lost a world some time ago and after this all I wanted is to start something new. So I wish you good luck with your new project :)

  2. That is heartbreaking! I've looked everywhere, for years, to find a SF world and yours was absolutely incredible. Even the Beta 2 (the one I downloaded) incomplete as it is, is better than most City Themed worlds I've played and tested.

    I'm considering keeping it in my game for myself, with the possibility of continuing to build it up from where you left off (as there's lots of room to fill) and make it fully playable. Not sure how successful this will be, since I'm new to the creative process of CC, Worlds, etc...

    But I thought it best first to tell you how amazing your work is and secondly, ask if my tweaking it for my own personal use is acceptable? I have no intention of re-uploading, taking credit, or passing this off as mine. I'm based in San Francisco and love this city. Playing it in my game has been my hope for ages and I just find it so tragic to see this work unfinished.

    Hope you and your projects are doing well. :)

  3. Have you tried SimSample's (MTS) method that Jucenda likes to provide to every 1 poster on the S3 forums? It's apparently a tied and true method for busting into world files.

    Maybe then you can revive your San Francisco project.